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 Business Model Plan Packages

General Business Model Plan

The General Business Model Plan template is offered on our writing platform where the subscriber supply the sub-topics. This template is for business owners and other with experience in writing business plans. Business Model Plan Software have compartment modules that will offer suggested sub-topics.  This template is for business owners and other with experience in writing their own plans. Once, the income projection and balance sheet are added, a printed version of the business model plan maybe be printed. However, the content is limited to information found in the business and marketing plan.

 General Business Model Plan combines the information assembled from the business and marketing plans. The Business Model Plan is made-up of compartment modules, this given entrepreneurs different styles to chose from. Once, a choice is made the entrepreneur, will fill in the required information and the general model is complete.  The General Business Model Plan is offered exclusively by the BusinessModelPlans.Com, while the Endorsement & Certified Business Model Plans are offered with the aid of a Business Development Team attached to the Dot-Com Business incubator.

Endorsed Business  Model Plan

An Endorsement Business Model Plan Package allows subscribers to select and assemble their own Business Development Team, from a list of pre-qualified professionals. The major advantage of a team focused plan is the attachment of business developers and consultants that can provide support to business owners before and after funding. The Endorsed Business Model Plan serves as a guide in business proposal projects for the activity of the business venture, in a stated period of time. In order to keep the information current it must be updated frequently. In addition to the information you will find in a typical business and marketing plans, this model requires that you complete a target market research analysis, feasibility study and a three or five year income projection. If this business model plan is going to be submitted for certification, a balance sheet and investor’s forecast must be added.

Certified Business Model Plan

A Certified Business Model Plan is a completed version of an Endorsed Business Model. The electronic version of Endorsed Business Model Plan come with the addition space for the third party organization evaluation team comments. Likewise, an asking price for a product maybe higher than the price point of their nearest competitor, it too will appear in the evaluation team comment section. Recommendations will also be included in the evaluation teams comment section of the plan.

The Certified Business Model Plan packages come with a Business Developer and pre-qualified professionals assigned by the Dot-Com Business Incubator, a Virtual Business development Incubator.  A Business Model Plan generated with our business incubator platform with annual updates can last for the life of your business even when you become a franchise. The major advantage of a team focused business development process is the attachment of business developers and consultants that can provide support for business models and franchises before and after funding.